Beautifully human...Beautifully me!

Welcome to Beautifully Human...Beautifully Me!

Welcome to beautifully human...beautifully me!  We have created this website to share our journey of learning self-love and self-confidence  to allow others to learn that they can learn to love the skin they are in! It does not take a rocket scientist or a brilliant motivational speaker to teach you how to love yourself! It takes time, love, patience, joy, and leaning on family, friends, and for us, it is including prayer in our journey.
This website is our daily journey of our success, failures, and encouragement to continue toward a journey of good health! 

Each day as we wake up we begin to ask God to make a change in us, teach us how to focus on the needs of others, to live selflessly and to learn that each day does count and that we can make a difference in our life. We love to volunteer and give back to our communities but we have learned that it is also important to take care of our bodies in order to continue volunteering. 

It is not a benefit to others when we do not care for ourselves and we are not at my physical or mental best when caring for others.

Sometimes we as women, especially women of color, are so busy caring for others that we lack the time and the patience to care for ourselves! Sad but so true!

We need to take a moment for a good book, take a bubble bath, work-out, listen to your favorite song, dance, and just enjoy your life!

You CAN have your best life now!

It begins with knowing who you are and learning where you want to be in life!

So with that said...Come take this journey with me...laugh with me, cry with me, and listen as I take a leap of faith to make a better life, impact my own life with the love of those around me, and yes...Learn to love who I am, regardless of where I am in life!

We are young women in our 30's who journey together toward the goal of a healthier physical and mental fitness. It will not be a short journey it will be a long journey, but we are prepared and willing to make a permanent change in or lives!

Are you ready?

We are!

Let's Go! --->